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Chapter Two:



The first thing one notices when docking in Haz, is the immense size of all the buildings. Apparently the Haz hold natural and agricultural land in high esteem. And well they should, as their planet, which is approximately Earth-size, supports a population of 14 billion people! Rather than let urban sprawl stifle the life out of them, the Haz, by necessity, have chosen to dedicate and preserve almost 80% of the planet to the natural state or agriculture.
The cities are built for specific capacities and purposes. About 1.2 million people inhabit each city, with each city being divided into 12 cells of a maximum capacity of 144,000 citizens each.


The Haz are a straight forward honest folk that often conclude major deals with a handshake. Their religious beliefs and morals run much deeper than ours. When you enter one of their 'Sanctuaries' the presence of something or someone far greater than you overwhelms you into complete silence, reverence and awe. It makes our churches look like pathetic side-shows.

Main Sanctuary in Haz

Satellite Sanctuary in Haz


Residence Towers are complete cities unto themselves providing all shops and services to their community.

Residence Towers in Haz - Nightime View

Residence Towers in Haz


The are practically no private automobiles in Haz. Everyone carries one all purpose identification card that allows certain privileges. Drivers may rent a computerized car that is provided by the city transportation authority that will wisk them from point A to point B at 100 km per hour via a network of monorail links. Accidents have plummeted to almost nil. Traffic signals, officers and citations are almost non-existant. There are a few instances where vehicles still travel 'off-road', but 80% of the traffic is computer controlled.

Space Port and Transportation Center in Haz

Main Communications Center in Haz

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