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Chapter Five:


1. CANADA should adopt the U.S. dollar and integrate its economy more with the United States.

2. Secondly, by adopting the Constitution of the United Nations, each new State (formerly provinces) of Canada would gain greater autonomy and control over its territory with the demise of the federal government. This is apparently what most of the provinces seem to be seeking anyway. All federal property would devolve to the State.

3. Then Canada should seek to partner with the nonaligned nations of NAFTA, much as Mexico is doing already, in order to bolster local trade, and especially trade with the United States.


The great advantage for the United States is that it will derive a greater benefit from a reorganized United Nations, in that each of the State legislatures would be fully independent, and two Senators from each State would represent the United States in the Continental Congress.


Mexico is making remarkable progress under the new leadership of Vincent Fox. Corruption is being routed out. New trade associations with the nonaligned nations of NAFTA is setting Mexico up as an intermediary and back door entrance to the voracious U.S. market for many new imports that would otherwise be excluded. (Canada may have overlooked a huge opportunity for economic expansion here when it joined NAFTA).

Building homes and infrastructure shoud be a top priority. But what Mexico needs most, is to raise the standard of living for all wage earners. This will not only encourage greater spending but it will boost the economy overall as well. Rather than a fixed minimum wage, however, Mexico should adopt a more unionized and universally controlled wage and price guidelines structure. This should be imbedded into the basic law of the land, along with worker rights and guarantees comparable to that of unionized labor. Wages and prices would stabilize to provide everyone with a decent living wage.


The seven nations of Central America:
El Salvador,
Costa Rica and
should reunite to form the REPUBLICS OF CENTRAL AMERICA (RCA), that would rival Canada in population and economic viability. As tiny nations they are unable to compete with the larger nations of the world. Their capitol should be situated in the new facilities in Belmopan, Belize.

The U.S. dollar should be adopted as the national currency to stabilize wages and prices.

All persons employed within the federation shall be unionized in order to provide decent living wages and working conditions.

With abundant labor and low wages (lower than the industrialized nations), the Republics of Central America should easily attract many manufacturing enterprises to the region.


The streets of Cuba are quite literally paved with gold! Let me explain further, just what I mean. One only has to remove the veil to see the vast potential and overwhelming opportunity that exists for the people of Cuba. That veil is the communist state as it now exists. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with the communist system, because it does make good economic sense. However, it also makes lousy politics, suppressing the common will of the people thereby hindering social progress. Ergo, the collapse of the Soviet Union. But, now, even China sees the advantage and is experimenting in controlling the economic muscle of the West.

Herein lies the key to the future of the communist (ie. socialist) state. Political power is too weak on its own. You cannot overcome imperialism and democracy with military might either. Even the thought of such action is untenable, except to maybe China whose large population would survive in some form or another after any conflict nuclear or otherwise. No, quite simply, economic power is the controlling factor. It crosses all borders virtually unimpeded. Therefore, if one chooses to imbue political power on or over any people; one must first have economic power.

Let us look at Cuba as a case in point. The opportunity that lies ahead for Cuba is to be the "Japan" of the Western World and the twenty-first century. What an awesome promise! But how do we get there from here?

We have to rethink and adjust the way we (the Cuban people) are doing things to fit the parameters of a changing world. If we do not change with the world, we will be trampled by it. (eg. Libya and Iraq). Economic power has neutralized these nations . . . Moreover it has even neutralized Cuba. It is time to regain your heritage and advance toward your destiny.


Cuba must adopt a new political stance that is more palatable to the West without dismantling the socialist state. Fidel Castro should 'retire' from his public leadership role in favor of a more clandestine figure-head role of 'Father of the Revolution' and 'Honorary Chairman of the State.'

Next the Communist Party should split into three factions:
1. the People's Communist Party;
2.the Social Democratic Party; and
3. the Liberal Democratic Party.
Now, the Communist Party does not have to give up control of or the grooming of candidates for political leadership offices; but it would be better if it would just quietly disappear 'behind the scenes'. This would be more plausible for favorable Western investment and response that a single party state. It would also serve to identify possible problematic individuals with their own agenda contrary to the overall plan. This would also foster a sense of release, new identity and renewal within the general populace. They could align themselves with the new right (LDP); the center (SDP); or remain loyal to the PCP. This way the balance of power could shift from the PCP/SDP coalition to the PCP/LDP coalition on any issue. The majority of seats would usually be accorded to the PCP in most elections for the foreseeable future.


Cuba should adopt a new constitution that mirrors the Constitution of the United States, and to legitimize the three party system (which is more fair than the bipartisan U.S. model). Remember, however, that the Communist Party is still pulling all the strings.


Cuba should form a socialist republic according to the new constitution to appease other western democracies, and open the doors to economic trade. Vigorously declare and seek to become
"a free and independent state of the United States of America."
Although many shall balk at such a proposal, the beneits far outweigh the disadvantages. Sovereignty association will be a passport for other Latin American countries to quickly align themselves with Cuba. Furthermore, it does not place any additional burden on the existing number of states. Eventually it will afford voting rights in the U.S.Congress itself and influencing the decisions thereof which is a coup no other nation has ! The other U.S.States are seeking more autonomy for themselves, and you will make allies of the Governors thereof as they watch your progress in redefining the way in which Washington does business. We are all headed for a one world government anyway, so you might as well get your two cents in early where it can at least draw interest later on !

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