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"Peace and safety!" "Peace and safety!"
Such has been the cry of man since time began. In the Bible it is written, "For when they say, "Peace and safety!" then the end shall come. Apparently that day has not yet arrived, nor are we about to enter such an era. There are still wars and rumors of war; moreover our streets are becoming a daily battleground.

World peace and prosperity, however, is not only feasible, but eminantly obtainable; if only we would abandon our preconceived notions of polity, economics and social strata. Indeed, any political, economic or social reform requires a thorough cleansing and purging of the current systems.

Chapter One:

Political reform is necessary as, even in democratic governments, the people no longer wield the power. Instead, a multiplicity of power brokers including lobbyists, unions, trade missions, industry and special interest groups, have usurped and dominated the political arena. Power is no longer
Of the people, by the people, and for the people.
More often than not, modern democracies have degenerated to a government of the special interest group, by the lobbyists, for the benefit of big business. To achieve a truly pluralistic society, curbs must be placed on all three so that they no longer trample on our individual rights and freedoms.

Secondly, the high and ever increasing costs of elections ensure that only the wealthy aristocrats ascend to power. This is far from the ideal established by our forefathers. Restoring the power base to the people, therefore, becomes of paramount imortance in any restructuring of government. Room at the top for those most affected by government policy must be incorporated into the system.

It has been said that every house divided against itself will not stand. Ergo, the first grave error of our forefathers, in their search for unity, was to forsake the greatest unifying power on earth and in the universe (ie. Almighty God). Unity through diversity only leads to chaos. However, to be all of one accord encourages enlightenment through peace and progress. Some profess that religion and politics are mutually exclusive, when actually they are symbiotically beneficial to each other. Religion creates a moral sense of purpose, whereas politics sets the guidelines to achieve that goal. One cannot exist without the other. Therefore, the first act of government should be to rewrite the Constitution to reflect this reality. The scope of the new Constitution should also be universal so as to include all nations and states that willingly adopt it.

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